Friday, September 16, 2011

Murmurs of Mermaids

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So long fangs, hello fins
by J.S. Devivre

Bella the mermaid from the TV Show 'H2O, Just Add Water'
"Mermaids surface as the next big thing," reads the headline of Carol Memmott's article in USA Today. "From books to movies to blogs to gatherings, mermaids are making a big splash in popular culture this summer."

"Fringe no longer, mermaids are poised to challenge vampires as pop—and commercial—icons," writes Joel Stein of Businessweek's Bloomberg report, "...mermaids are about to swamp vampires and zombies as supernatural rainmakers in popular culture....

Building off the buzz from this year’s installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise—which featured a plethora of bad-ass, sailor-drowning mermaids played by models—mermaid-fueled projects are piling up. Twilight author Stefanie Meyer says her next book is all mermaid. Joe Wright, who directed Atonement, is planning a live-action, dark version of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid; Tobey Maguire is producing a rival, also dark, also live-action Little Mermaid. In June, Disneyland launched a new Little Mermaid ride and will add one to Disney World in 2012. Photographer Mark Anderson is releasing a book—available as an iPhone app—called M: Mermaids of Hollywood, that features Anna Faris, the Kardashians, Kristen Bell, and others in tails."

... Are we beginning to notice a trend here?

"'Mermaiding', or swimming in mermaid [tails], seems to be gaining popularity..."  

And according to Stephan Lee of, this is "the year mermaids swim into movies, books, fashion..... and maybe your local swimming pool."

So is it any wonder we will be hosting weeklong Mermaid Camps and weekend getaways next Spring and Summer?  Our neophyte routine has just been choreographed, complete with props... and we are nearly jumping out of our fish skin with impatient excitement to flex our fins and splash our tails with you.  Be sure to sign up early. These meraculously fun events are sure to sell out barracuda fast!

If you'd like to flip your fins with us online, splash on over to our Facebook page and say hello.  That goes for you L'il Mermaids too!