Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Imagine sailing the seven internet seas in search of mythical creatures, stopping only to stock up on provisions, collect treasures and gaze on beautiful objects and images.  That is what you will experience when you embark on Siren Quest.

What exactly are sirens, you ask?
Are they mermaids? Women with wings? Birds with female heads? Seductive songstresses? Beguiling temptresses? There have been countless theories, but few facts. Find out for yourself as you travel to exotic web locales and garner to-die-for trinkets in search of the elusive.... siren.

Due to launch into the depths on Valentine's Day 2012, Siren Quest is an online sort of amazing race game activity.  Players will receive instructions, visit theme-applicable websites to pick up clues, answer questions to advance and figure out where the heck to go next... that sort of thing.  Participants will have inside info on siren ware and service specials, and vie for enviable 'real' prizes. 

The 'game' is a fun and adventure-based way to promote artists and businesses that are siren-friendly.  It's simple as seaweed and more fun than a cave full of eels.  Whether as a player or vendor, we welcome you to come and frolic with us in our search for sirens on our SirenQuest Facebook page.