Tuesday, May 22, 2012

As American as Apple Pie & Pin-Ups

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“The practice of putting women on pedestals began to die out when it was discovered that they could give orders better from there.” ~Betty Grable

Relive the era of innocent allure and wholesome exhibitionism, when a dimple and a stocking seam could inspire a grunt to glory.  Our All American Pinup event is a fun girly get-together, complete with baking, knitting, a hair and makeup party... and a little boogie woogie tossed in to keep things lively.

9am-3pm for basic session (elective evening activities are additional and end around 10pm)

Event basics are listed in blue. Optional extras are in grey italics.
  • Hot Mommas & Apple Pie (9-11am): Reveille! Nothing gave our boys in blue the will to hang on and make it back home like the beautiful women waiting stateside for them.  And there were few reminders as iconic as the pin-up photo. Go back with us to the fabulous 40's, a time of great courage and great music. We will conduct our morning lesson as we bake apple pie, from scratch, of course, taking photos. Includes a mid-morning coffee cake break... we're saving the pie for lunch!
  • PicKnit Lunch Break (11am-1pm): We're off to the park for a leisurely picnic lunch, during which we will have a knitting session to create beret keepsakes, pompon optional; if you'd like to stretch your gams a bit, feel free to play horseshoes or 'Frisbie'... we'll need our apple pie tins for that
  • Sing & Swing Time (1-2:30pm): Get ready to boogie woogie and wiggle at our 1940's song and dance session.  Choose to sing harmonies or jitter like a bug.  These will be the basis of our performance later. Includes a mid-segment Snickers cookies & tea break 
  • Afternoon Respite & Pin-Up Transformation (2:30-5pm):  Take this time to enjoy any of the following 
    • Treat yourself to a Mayonnaise hair treatment  
    • Practice your musical number 
    • Put your dogs up and rest a bit 
    • Primp for your evening performance
    • Professional hair & makeup, available from 3-5pm
  • Calendar Girl Cocktail Reception & Photo Session (5-6pm): Mix and mingle while waiting for your turn to pose for a Professional Photography Shoot in your Pin-Up garb. While you're at it, why not have 12 photos taken and create a calendar?
  • Pin-Up performance (6-6:30pm): Time to flaunt your perfect victory roll hairdo and kohl-lined eyes with your pin-up sisters. Whether as a singer, dancer or applauder in the audience, come cheer us on to victory
  • Supper Club (6:30-9:00pm): For pinup events held at Siren Central in Long Beach, CA, we will join the nightlife out on the town for dinner at The Sky Room. They close at 9pm on weekdays... most likely because of wartime curfew.  (Dinner plans in other areas will differ.) 
  • Pajama Party (9-?): For our for our overnight pin-ups... throw on your p.j.'s, break out the hair curlers and slather on an avocado facial mask... we'll make the popcorn and grab a film noir movie