Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pirate Garb & Gear workshop and cruise prep

4 week interactive online workshop with Youtube replay —

Prepare to take to the seas in style at this prep class in anticipation of our Labor Day weekend Pirates Caribbean Cruise. Online event is held Saturdays, Aug 3-24 at 10am EDT.  Cost is $20 and is refundable up until 3 days prior to first class.  During the series you will have the thrill of doing the following:
  • Seen & Heard - the first 8 participants to sign up for our workshop will get to interact LIVE on camera, via Google+
  • Planned Piracy - Before diving into the crafty sea, we will start by fleshing out the particulars of your pirate persona to determine your habiliment and accoutrement needs. Be prepared to have a budget in mind
  • One Shot - Most of our siren school weekend getaways include some relaxing themed craft time.  But the Pirate Cruise is not 'most' of our events.  That said, this course will serve as the crafty portion of the affair.... unless you count the craftiness and cunning needed to get your hands on the booty buried in Cozumel  
  • With a flourish - From plumage to cleavage, we'll discuss cheap & easy options for embellishing what you've got
  • Head to Toe - Once you have a fetching ensemble in the works you'll want to finish it off with proper buccaneer footwear, fabulous hair & even cosmetics
  • Parlez - You'll have the opportunity to get to know your cruise companions prior to embarking. This will enrich your experience on the high seas immeasurably

$20 Registration for this class closes July 27 at 5pm EDT