Monday, April 1, 2013

Vampire & Hunter apparel & apparatus workshop

5+ week interactive online workshop with Youtube replay 

Prepare to join the battle of vampires v. hunters at our Immortal New Awlins Vampire Hunt, Oct 18-21, 2013. Online event is held Thursdays, Sept 12 - Oct 10 at 7pm EDT.  Cost is $25 and is refundable up until 3 days prior to first class.  During the series you will have the thrill of doing the following:
  • Seen & Heard - the first 8 participants to sign up for our workshop will get to interact LIVE on camera, via Google+
  • Prepare to do your worst - The 'other side' will show no mercy, nor should you. Whether making preparations as a vampire or a hunter, you'll need to 'flesh out' your general persona & needs. Do consider having a budget in mind
  • Chapeau to Toe - Once you are properly accoutered you will want to consider the finer points of your appearance such as footwear, headwear and a stylish coiffure
  • Know who you're dealing with - You'll have the opportunity to get to know your friends & foes prior to our weekend together. This will enrich your hunting experience immeasurably
  • Cheers! - An additional session is scheduled Oct 17 at 7pm for those who want to titter over tea in jubilant anticipation of our meeting the following day

$25 Registration for this class closes Sept 5 at 5pm EDT