Friday, August 30, 2013

Social Charms & Graces and HospitaliTea classes

Ever wondered how to really set a table?  What utensil is used for what?  
How to brew a proper pot of tea?  Or how to keep your tea sandwiches moist?  
Siren School takes the guesswork out of these global issues with an online workshop, offered in two segments. You may sign up for just one, or both at a discount, April 12 & 13, 2014

10am-12:30pm PDT / 1-3:30pm EDT
A comprehensive social etiquette course covering everything from the basics to the bewildering. Open to all levels of experience and expertise.
  • On Record - brief Intro & history
  • Charmed, I'm Sure - introductions, etiquette essentials & evolution, manners & womanners, small talk
  • ...And Chew Gum - multitasking, elocution, posture, focus
  • Out and About - phones, restaurants, theater, sporting events, theme parks, shopping, tipping
  • Consequences - social media (including reviews), behavior at the office, with philanthropies, the neighbors, extended family
  • Be a Guest - whether just for dinner... or for days on end
  • includes interactive lunch break online to illustrate table manners and how to deal with problematic foods

10am-12:30pm PDT / 1-3:30pm EDT
We'll conduct a hefty amount of mythbusting during this session, as well as arm you with foolproof tips to make your next tea party easy, breezy and relaxing
  • Tea terminology 101
  • Practical how-to's
  • Planning your tea party
  • Coming up with your menu
  • Designing the party space
  • Executing the affair
  • includes interactive tea break to illustrate the proper way of handling tea foods, cups, pots, accoutrements, etc

Class cost $25 per session or $40 for both