Friday, June 20, 2014

Fantasy Fitness launch press release

Fantasy Fitness Takes Center Stage on the Gym Floor
Themed Dance Classes Bridge Costumed Performance and Daily Workouts

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                                              June 20, 2014                                                                       
Contact:  Joy at 816-974-7367

USA — Four years in the building, women’s wellness company Siren School officially launches its signature service, Fantasy Fitness today. Taking the dance fitness craze a step and a shimmy beyond standard classes offered at gyms, the genre-based classes allow participants to get gussied up with costume bits and dance props appropriate to the style.  Plus, the 6-week session format enables students to practice and perfect a routine as opposed to just doing random moves. 8 routines of varying difficulty are offered per genre, giving students the opportunity to master new steps and movements with each 6-week session.  Available dance styles include Genie Belly Bliss, Bollywood Blast, Polynesian Island Drums, Flapper Charleston, Burly-Q Tease, Moulin Rouge CanCan, Rio Fever Samba, Flamenco Castanets and more. There’s even aquatic dance for Mermaid enthusiasts, which can be done “with or without tail.”
Sarah Gates, Director of Sunshine Generation San Diego, a musical theater camp for children, just learned of the program and had this to say, “I want to become Siren-i-fied in all these lovely dance styles!  It looks like you have worked very hard on this business model… Bravo! Bravo!  What a great accomplishment!  I'm just so excited to be a part of it!  I am sure grateful Sirens all over the world will be running your program in no time flat!”
The program was designed specifically to satisfy a variety of student desires:
·      Burn calories – classes generally burn 300-600 calories depending on the student. Similarly, the amount of ‘cardio’ work is controlled by the participant
·      Sculpt and tone feminine curves – dancers use muscles that are often underused or neglected while receiving a thorough full-body workout
·      Make working out more fun – dance has always been a form of celebration and Fantasy Fitness classes enable women to celebrate their chosen dance style while celebrating themselves!
·      Avoid injury – many of the classes are ‘no-impact’ and beneficial to those with knee problems or similar issues
·      Learn new skills and become more graceful – the progressive class and routine structure helps dancers to learn new moves, improve coordination and gain confidence

Fantasy Fitness is a service created by Siren School, a company dedicated to helping women discover (or re-discover) their value, beauty and joie de vivre.  Additional services include Siren Soirees (which include a Fantasy Fitness dance party option), Mythic Adventures themed getaways, and Plunder – the popular student rewards program brimming with treasures.

“Work out like no one’s watching!”

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