Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Siren School Soirees Bring Purpose to Party Presenting

Themed Get-Togethers Enrich as well as Entertain

When is a party not a party? When it’s a bachelorette bash, girls’ night out, reunion or social get-together that features a Siren Soiree, the latest service to be offered by women’s wellness organization Siren School.  The themed party format provides guests unprecedented opportunities to delve into a fabled or foreign culture from the comfort of their living room.  Events, dubbed as “parties with purpose” introduce the history, customs, crafts, lingo and unique beauty of the chosen genre. Hostesses may choose to throw a Genie Dreams party, Bollywood Bash, Island Hukilau, Flapper Fete, Mermaid Dip & Dive, Pin-Up Play Date, Moulin Rouge Spectacular, Charm Class, Fairy Ring Roundup or a number of other whimsical offerings.
Siren School Headmistress Joy Devivre describes the program as, “an opportunity for women to learn about their counterparts in other cultures, all the while, learning about themselves and making magical memories.”
Siren Soirees tweak the theme party modus operandi in a variety of ways:
·      Not your mother’s bridal shower – Siren Soirees come with a Treasure Trunk brimming with theme costume bits and props intended to help guests fully immerse themselves in the culture du jour
·      Turn-Key hostessing – unlike paid entertainers, Siren Soiree Producers do not perform for party guests, they interact with them, becoming ‘one of the girls’
·      Dance Party add-on option – groups that wants “More! More!” than the standard hour and a half soiree may arrange to have a Fantasy Fitness Dance Leader conduct them in a basic hour-long dance tutorial in keeping with the theme  
·      Entrepreneurial Opportunities –Soiree Pros are trained and certified by Siren School to ensure consistency of service.  Whether for extra cash on the side or as a full-time vocation, employment opportunities abound to suit a variety of schedules and budgets

Siren Soirees is a service created by Siren School, a company dedicated to helping women discover (or re-discover) their value, beauty and joie de vivre.  Additional opportunities include Mythic Adventures themed getaways, Fantasy Fitness ongoing dance class instruction, and Plunder – the student rewards program.

“Siren School – where education is an adventure in self-discovery”
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