Friday, August 15, 2014

The SireniTea Shoppe Project

Welcome to the SireniTea Shoppe, our crowdfunding project to create a physical location for Siren School.


I'm Joy, Headmistress of Siren School. I'm a veteran entrepreneur with experience in retail and have owned a shop, a tea room and a fine dining restaurant.

The SireniTea Shoppe will serve as a base of operations for Siren School activity and the training that is part of the various entrepreneurial opportunities we offer.  Here, we will be able not only to host events and serve treats, but the shoppe will:

  • sell hand-crafted wearable and decorative goods lovingly created by artisans in the siren community
  • serve as a training hub for our Li'l Mermaids Poise & Porpoise program including our Shared Treasure Hunt kids' philanthropy project
  • generate proceeds to be donated to The Untouched, benefitting women who've experienced domestic abuse
  • allow us to hire staff as well as train 'interns' of all ages who could use some assistance with social graces and business skills

What We Need & What You Get

Based on my previous experience, the 50,000 we're striving to raise will go towards rent, gently used equipment and furnishings... maybe even a little merchandise, though we're prepared to acquire that on consignment if need be.

Because we have an existing business and fan base, we have some pretty spiffy perqs to offer -- at least we like them.

Depending on the amount raised during our campaign, we will either seek an actual investor to make up the difference, or put the funds toward existing Siren School programs that could use a boost.

Risks & Challenges

Eateries are always a risky enterprise, but food service is just the beginning of what we intend to do with our space. We have classes, workshops and special events at the ready that are patiently awaiting a place where they can be offered.

Other Ways You Can Help

Siren School was created to help women realize how beautiful and valuable they are.. right now... as is... and to help those who've lost their joy to reclaim it. We'd be honored to have you join us, in any way you can -- whether as a donor, a fan, a Salonniere, Siren Soirees Producer or Fantasy Fitness Instructor. Welcome to Siren School -- where education is an adventure in self-discovery


$5 - A Nod
  • We will publicly thank you in writing as part of a donor list included in an upcoming issue of la Vie Sirene magazine.

$10 - A Smile
  • We will gladly post your name as a donor on our website for one month

$50 - A-Plundering we go!
  • Grab a friend and start racking up reward ducats as part of Siren School's PLUNDER program: 
$100 - You're a Mad Man!
  • Receive 6 complimentary standard ads OR 3 video ads in la Vie Sirene magazine or one of our theme-specific sites

$250 - Behind the Velvet Rope
  • Enjoy a VIP tea for 4 at the SireniTea Shoppe -- transferable

$500 - Sip & Sleuth
  • We'll throw you a tea party for 6 in your own hometown, along with a Cup of Mystery whodunnit game to play as you sup 

$1,000 - Eenie Meenie
  • We'll spoil you with your choice of Siren Soirees for a group of 6-10, in your own hometown 

$2,500 - Get Packin'!

$5,000 - Alooooooooha!

$10,000 - With a side of YOU!
  • We will name a menu item after you and include your contact info on the menu as well, for one year

$25,000 - Let's Window-shop
  • Your name will appear on the front window of our shoppe for a full year

$50,000 - Marquee Me
  • Your name will appear as part of our shoppe's primary signage!!!! For real.... for one year