Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Certified Fresh!

Our first class of salonnieres has survived training and they are now ready to take their regions by storm. Here's what some of them had to say about the experience:

"It was amazing to finally put faces and voices to names on the screen. It was tons of fun too, chatting about everything Siren. I learned a lot about the Siren School programs like Plunder, the Salons, and we even touched on the Fantasy Fitness courses too. I HIGHLY recommend the training. It is invaluable." —Kimberley Thomson Morris, certified salonniere of the Intrepid Ladies Adventure Club and Tea Society - Hollister, CA

"Most people think of training sessions as mundane or grueling, but I am here to tell you the training for Siren School Salonnieres is not at all your average class session! It is fun, informative, relaxed and inspiring. Joy Siren comes through in video chat just like she does in her posts, being that she is vibrant, sparkling,and full of life and light. More light is shed upon Siren School in this training and what it entails to be a Salonniere and have a chapter in your own town.So come on and be a Salonniere and spread the Joy!" —Sanndi Thompson, certified salonniere of the Bohemian Belles - Fayetteville, GA

"My first piece of advice, if you need somebody else to help you set up your video chat, don't wait an hour before time for it to start, to find out that they hadn't done it yet. Other than that, it was fun, interesting and so exciting and entertaining to see and hear people that I've only chatted with through facebook. I enjoyed hearing everyone's thoughts on the different Siren aspects, and learning more about the different Siren School programs, such as the Siren Soirees and Fantasy Fitness. I would SERIOUSLY recommend reading the guide that Joy provides for us. Trust me, you'll want to do this! There are questions she asks, and you'll want to have the answers beforehand, as she will catch you off guard if you don't! I can't wait for the next one! To the future Salonniere Trainees, Good luck and more importantly, HAVE FUN!" —Bonnie Ramsburg, certified salonniere of Bonnie's Lasses - Akron, OH