Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Georgia gets a peachy new Siren School Salon

Fayetteville, GA is the lucky home of the new Bohemian Belles, the social group run by Salonniere Sanndi Thompson.  Sanndi is a professional artist whose work has been featured in La Vie Sirene magazine. She's also been Siren School's biggest and most enduring supporter. And now, she is part of the team!... or as we call it, our equipe!  Here are her own words about herself and her budding salon:
Hi I'm Sanndi. Although it is true that I am a genuine born and raised southern gal, I have however always had a wanderlust for exotic places, cultures, and adventures; thus the name Bohemian Belles. I'm an artist who paints belly dancers, mermaids, and other goddessy type images and the mystical. I am also a belly dance enthusiast myself. I enjoy writing, reading, swimming, walking, yoga, traveling, eating (yes- eating!) haha! Such are the pleasures of life! Yes? Another of my interests here lately is aromatherapy, and I have been concocting my own bath salts and room sprays and lotions and potions.

I am drawn to the mystical, paranormal, philosophical, inspirational, creative genres of life and would love for like-minded kindred souls to join me in some Siren School Soiree adventures!

Although I don't have an actual tangible gypsy caravan in real life (yet) I aim for us to "travel" and have vibrant, whimsical, serendipitous adventures, gatherings, soirees, shindigs, whatever you choose to call them! So come on and don that kooky hat with the feathers on it, or wear that fringed shawl,(you know, the one that is at the back of your closet.) Buy those jingly earrings that you've had your eye on or that toe ring, take those dance classes that you've always pondered. (Siren School has some doozies offered!)
So step through the beaded doorway with me and become more of the vibrant spirit that you are!
You can find Sanndi via her site, or Facebook page, or in-person at the events she and her salon will be hosting in Georgia.