Monday, September 22, 2014

Not just a fantasy anymore

At long last, our first Fantasy Fitness Instructors training has been completed. And word is, all survived!  It was a beautiful session as sirens from different parts of the country came together via videochat to earn their certification as Genie Belly Bliss instructors.

Congratulations to:

The next 3 Fantasy Fitness trainings will be held in October & November, 2014:
  • Bollywood Blast - yep, you guessed it, jubilant dance like in the popular Bollywood movies
  • Fathoms Deep - a water workout for Mermaids & Naiads, meaning with mertail and without
  • Island Drums - Polynesian dance in all its intoxicating forms

Sign-ups are a snap on the Siren School boutique page.