Thursday, June 25, 2015

Fantasy Fitness is going green!

We've all heard the benefits of green-living shouted from the rooftops. From recycling to reducing our carbon footprints, there are innumerable ways we can lead a more organic lifestyle and improve the health of our planet. But did you know the same concept applies to your workout regimen?

In recent years, the practice of 'earthing' (walking barefoot in nature to soak in the soil's inherent energy) has attracted a following, and it's understandable. It's incredibly life-affirming and energizing to connect with the world around us by walking barefoot, breathing unprocessed air, inhaling the intoxicating scents of flora and fauna, basking in natural light, and getting lost in the music of birdsong.

At a time when many people (especially the young) often find their physical activity limited to thumb and finger movements while playing a video game in front of a TV in their living room, the benefits of outdoor exercise have become increasingly vital. Even those who go to the gym on a regular basis may find improved levels of fitness when they 'take it outside'.

Reuters Health writes, "Outdoor workouts left women in a better mood and kept them exercising longer than counterparts who exercised indoors, according to a small study from Canada."

Siren School's Headmistress Joy came to the same conclusion. "The other day I was sprawled out at the bay after the briefest of early summer swims. I closed my eyes as I felt the sand beneath my towel conform to the shape of my body, and I reveled in the warmth of the sun and the sound of the water lapping at the shore. I thought about how I needed to get back into Fantasy Fitness dancing, but nothing could compare to the enlivening experience of being outdoors, and then it hit me. I'd lost sight of what inspired Siren School and Fantasy Fitness in the first place.

It was during a swim at that very same bay, before the intense health challenges of the last few years, that I felt an overwhelming desire to cut loose from societal constraints, and to express myself in the most natural and beautiful ways imaginable. At the time, my initial inspiration included doing aquatic dance in a mermaid tail alongside all of the salt water denizens of that environment. 

Somehow I'd gotten away from that original concept and over time, when working on ideas for teaching Fantasy Fitness, my mind automatically slogged back to the gym and dance studio—not exactly the best environment for female archetype immersion that is such an integral part of the Siren School experience.

Clearly, it's time to get back to basics, which means getting back to nature."

Enter our budding Plein-Air ELEMENTALS series.  Over the next several months, we'll be restructuring select class offerings to adapt them to the great outdoors:

  • Genie Belly Bliss—These ethereal beings loathe being contained and need to be out in the open air with a view of the sky
  • Island Drums—Polynesian dance done barefoot, preferably near palms that sway in sync with your hips  
  • Gypsy folkdance—Barefoot in a park or grove, or better yet, around a campfire
  • Fathoms Deep—Mermaid aquatic dance with tail
  • Blowing Bubbles—Naiad fresh water workout (with legs)

Dance magazine's Let's Take It Outside article by Camille LeFevre offers: "When you do site-specific dance ... you open yourself up to these fabulously serendipitous moments of incredible beauty that you simply can’t plan for.”

Our Plein-Air Elemental classes will be conducted in secluded areas of public spaces, enabling participants to connect with their natural surrounds away from crowds and noise. And class fees will be reduced thanks to the literal lack of overhead.  Contact us to see how you can get involved, either as a participant or instructor. All are welcome.

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