Saturday, August 1, 2015

Birds of all feathers

Reblogged from the Siren School Salon site

The salons of yore were more than gatherings of gossipy gals from the leisure class. They were cauldrons of both education and entertainment where women, barred from higher learning, could expand their minds and try on new ideas as they hobnobbed with the great philosophers, social commentators and satirists of their day. Siren School salons encourage women to step out of their comfort zones and explore new terrain while surrounded by supportive like-minded women.

"I think what I enjoy most about the salons is how different from one another they all are. They don't just have names of their own, but complete personalities that make each salon distinct from the next," says Joy of the Tea Travellers Societea salon in Southern California. "While my salon uses tea as the tie that binds all of our events together, over in Georgia, Sanndi and the Bohemian Belles are off doing things that appeal to a free gypsy spirit. I love the variety! Especially because it enables us to delve into and appreciate other cultures and customs as well as ourselves, which is what Siren School is all about." 
Tea Traveller Carol says, "What I like most about these salons is that they pick up where the Red Hat Society left off. They encourage the upcoming generations to try new things and enjoy the company of women. Since each salon has a different theme or focus, you can find the perfect fit for you based on interests, not just geography; and you can participate in the events offered by more than one salon. After all, each of us has a variety of interests and each salon appeals to a different part of our personality."

Salon activities run the gamut from nature hikes to opera field trips, whodunit mystery tea parties to circus arts classes, with everything in between. Are you ready to spread your wings and find the siren within?

See our Regional Salons page to find an existing salon near you. Or, if you're feeling adventurous, consider starting up a salon of your own!