Monday, August 3, 2015

Folk Dance - the non-dancer's best friend

Re-blogged from Fantasy Fitness

Do you love to dance but don't exactly love having to stand up straight, point your toes, and wiggle your body in strange and impossible ways?  Fantasy Fitness' Gypsy Sojourn folk-style dance enables participants to move to the music without having to worry about perfect technique and form.

The majority of folk dance styles began as ways for people to get together and celebrate informally, not for professional performance. The moves are often boisterous, the apparel ample, and the opportunities to make noise and whoop it up, many. Nearly every culture has its own version of folk dance, frequently incorporating the clothing of its people to accent moves and gestures.

Like the colorful nomads of yore, our Gypsy genre traces its origins to India through Russia and on to Eastern Europe. We make use of percussive coin bracelets, anklets and tambourines, clapping and especially skirts. There is lots of skirt flipping and whishing which is just plain fun!

While you're welcome to wear boots when you dance, we advocate casting off your footwear and enjoying feeling the earth under your feet as you swirl and twirl in a wooded area or park as part of our fresh air Elementals program.

Being a social activity rooted in rich cultural traditions, a Gypsy Sojourn Dance Party is a natural addition to a Gypsy Jamboree Siren Soiree for a birthday party, bachelorette bash, or any girls' get-together. As with all Siren School experiences, participants have the unique opportunity to take a vacation from the ordinary and immerse themselves in their siren persona of choice for an hour, a half day, or multiple days.

Step into your skirt and gather around the campfire as we invoke our Bohemian sisters of days gone by.

If you're interested in obtaining certification in order to teach this happy-go-lucky dance form, join us on 17 October 2015 at 11:30am PST / 2:30pm EST for a 2-hour group videochat training session

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