Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Wild Dolphins & Mermaids Swim

Mermaid & Dolphin by Gabriella Lennep
Have you ever dreamed of being a mermaid and swimming with dolphins out in the deep blue sea? That lifelong dream can become a reality and lasting memory when you when you join our new wiki Wild Dolphins & Mermaids cruise. Departing Port Canaveral (Orland) Florida, we'll set sail for Freeport in the Bahamas where we'll spend a full day. While there, we'll take part in an Open Ocean Dolphin Swim booked through our Carnival Cruise ship. Excursion highlights include:

  • Enjoy a 20-minute boat ride through the beautiful canals of Grand Bahama Island or along the South Shore of the island (depending on weather).  
  • Arrive at Sanctuary Bay, where you will meet your dolphin trainer and listen to a brief orientation before heading out into the open ocean.  
  • Watch for dolphins jumping and playing in the boat’s wake as you ride out.  
  • Once the boat comes to a stop, you’ll enter the crystal clear water, approximately 20-25 feet deep, to swim with the beautiful Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins.  

This abbreviated cruise is all about the dolphins, and we will devote the bulk of our time to getting to know them. While on the ship we'll dive into the history and lore, the facts and fables of these beloved oceanic beauties. We'll even make an attempt to speak their language! Plus, we'll do our best to avail ourselves of as many of the ship's amenities as possible. After all, we're mermaids gone wild!

View the Wild Dolphins & Mermaids Swim site for full details.