Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Gift of Love ... for Yourself

Give yourself the gift 
of sloughing off last year 
with 6+ weeks of 
Loving Yourself Lovely 
at our New Year Booty Camp
Jan 3 - Feb 13, 2016
held via the internet, for your convenience

Online program includes:
  • THE VILLAGE SYSTEM—we'll all hold hands every step of the way to ensure you make consistent progress. We also recommend buddying up with another participant
  • SUPPORT—6 weeks of daily cheerleading via a closed group on Facebook
  • INSPIRATION—Weekly themes and daily tips to motivate you on to glory
  • PERSPIRATION—Free live video dance classes, a low-impact way to melt away what's weighing you down
  • PREPARATION—A week of prep to help you hit the ground running, or walking, or gardening ... you get the idea

Cost - $150