Friday, April 8, 2016

The Phoenix Rises - Flashback Friday with la Vie Sirene

by Perzaia

“And I said, I will perish with my nest, and I will multiply days as the phoenix.” Job


Epoch’s ego emerges from a godly turbulent celestial-bubble, fracturing inside the depths of our closest star Helios its corona stretching millions of miles from the super heated surface. A boiling sunspot twisting, writhing radioactive molten ejecting an interstellar egg nestled in bed of ionized particles. Wrestling with solar storms the particles reach an historic earth with a slap upon the polar-regions in tangible ribbons of green and red disambiguation.

Force of this galactic slap, gravity-slung against the stratosphere, one small fiery egg skips along. Far across the globe it finally plunged through the skin of the earth, crashing deep within the scorching sands of the Ocean of Fire. A shooting star became myth in the lands and legends of Aladdin’s lost jinni and demons living in the desert breathed winds.

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