Monday, July 9, 2018

Embracing the New Moon with Lore Raymond

by Lore Raymond
[shared from original la Vie Sirene post]

The New Moon calls on you to energize your dreams into big, BIG and BIGGER! Consider the following ritual to be like taking a MANIFESTATION aerobics class~ but without the huffin’ and puffin’. You are sacredly invited to stretch spiritually and laviesirenely (a new word?!) to don the spiritual mantle of your “inner goddess”. Yes, you heard me. Blasphemous? No way! Because YOU ARE DIVINE. And your inner-goddess job description is to share, serve, and most importantly, to love, bless, and know abundance!

  1. What does the word “inner-goddess” conjure up? After you’ve thought about this, and before July 8, find a Greek restaurant and feast there with a goddess friend and chat about your answer! (And there’s no calorie counting this night because Athena, Nike, and Aphrodite never did.)
  2. Explore your closet and drawers for items that make you feel powerful, possible, and peaceful. Look for clothing, shoes, and jewelry that are white and silver. Now’s the time to get blinged out and diafanous! And since Archangel Haniel reflects the sensitive, watery moon energy, use a moonstone to also connect.
  3. Gather up supplies for your New Moon Energy Ritual: a tray-size mirror (see notes below); sparkling water and 2 bottled waters; Epsom salts; natural sponge; white and silver candle(s); matches or a lighting wand; hand held mirror


Create your Inner-Goddess Altar using a mirror; it needs to be flawless, have a sturdy frame the size of a serving tray. (Check out thrift stores for inexpensive finds to be used for future moon rituals.) Using a mirror-tray makes it portable for the outside ceremony, and then inside as a home altar.

A 44-minute Ritual: Clear. Connect. Protect. Celebrate. Close.


The Inner: Breathe. Drink Water. Clear you inner heart space with forgiveness work. Ask yourself: Is there anything or anyone I choose to now forgive for my highest goddess? Forgiveness heals and clears out your lower energies, and makes room for new energies to be seeded, the purpose of a New Moon ritual. The Ho ’opono Ono Prayer is a powerful spiritual took to support you. Click here for the Ho’ opono ono Prayer video.

The Outer: 

Step 1: Breathe. Drink Water. Take a purifying moon bath using Epsom /sea salts and a natural sea sponge. Not a bath person? Take a shower or even an outdoor shower. Go swimming. Anoint yourself during and after word with an essence that can be also be used in the cleansing of your sacred space. It’s been said that the scents of lavender, lemon balm and calamus are all associated with the new moon. Choose only one or two scents.

Step 2:  Go outdoors if at all possible for your ritual. “Plan B” would be to find a place indoors without distractions. Then, clear whatever space you’re in using a sage stick or by lighting incense.

Connect: Breathe. Drink water. Ask yourself: What do I seek to manifest in my life right now for my highest goddess? The answers become your intentions for the ritual. With the New Moon looking like a dark, circular chalkboard, she invites you to perhaps: write a new story; to make a new beginning; to ask for a new love; a healing and; a renewed commitment to a previous resolution. It is important to write down your intentions, even a few words because these words support thoughts, which then become things. 

Protect: Breathe. Drink water. Light your white and silver candle. Visualize a ring of powerful women, “goddesses” who have loved you, all surrounding and protecting you. When you have seen them in your mind’s eye and greeted each one with the word “Namaste”, ask each one for a gift to add to the circle of protection. See these “gifts” being symbolically placed on your Inner-goddess Altar. Feel the gathering power of these loving gifts, and the New Moon…her darkness and ancient mystery.
Continue absorbing this energy as you read and say out loud, each one of the goddess affirmations as you look into your hand held mirror:
I AM peace, I AM. I AM possible, I AM. I AM powerful, I AM. I AM potential, I AM.

Celebrate: BreatheDrink some sparkling water. There’s nothing to do. Breathe.

Close: Breathe. Sit in silence. Feel. Allow your mind to wander. Float. Finally, visualize your original protection circle of goddesses transforming as angels, who then float across the night sky, gently disappearing. You will intuitively know when you are complete. Extinguish your candles, saying a prayer in gratitude with each breath. 

How has your Inner-goddess been energized?
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