Monday, July 16, 2018

Josephine Wall - Mother of Fantasy Art

shared from original post in La Vie Sirene

I thought to start off this month’s issue with information on Gaia, the Greek goddess considered to be the personification of earth itself.  In searching for Gaia art I was thrilled to find a few breathtaking Gaia images by one of my favorite artists, Josephine Wall.  Her paintings are a perfect example of how pictures can convey more meaning than words could ever hope to.  Or so I thought.  Reading her descriptions of Gaia filled me with as much wonder as her evocative imagery, and I realized no research or historical explanation or new age narrative could better express the concept of Gaia than Josephine’s own brief captions. 

I craved more Jospehineness and was delighted to find an online video interview with her. Upon watching it I was so overcome by her humility and nurturing kindness that I dashed off an email to Josephine asking her if I could send her a few brief interview questions about Gaia.  Her email response was more intimate and meaningful than any interview could be.  I am so humbly grateful to share her words and art with you here today.

~J.S. Devvre
Josephine’s image of choice for both her website banner & Facebook page cover image

Hello Joy,

        So lovely to hear from you, and I am honoured that you want to interview me..!!  I am always amazed that people want to do this, as all I am doing is 'playing' every day, and fulfilling my heartfelt desire to be creative..!!  I am very happy that you like my work, and thank you for your very kind comments.  I will do my best to answer your questions.

Breath of Gaia
“Gaia, the Greek Goddess, is Mother Earth, the bringer of life and beauty.  Where Gaia breathes, she brings new life to a sleeping earth.  Renewal springs forth along Gaia's every path.”
    I am not sure which interview you watched, but I am always an optimistic, and happy person which you seemed to have picked up.  I am never happier than when I am standing in front of my easel with a painting underway, a brush in my hand, and a selection of my favourite colours to choose from.  I do however enjoy time with my family - following my second marriage I now have 5 children and 11 grandchildren which give me great joy.  I also have a source of models beyond my wildest dreams - little ones to put wings on, and to be riding mythical animals such as unicorns..!!  I also love countryside walks ( I find nature a source of inspiration ), dancing and gardening are my other hobbies amongst others.

        I am a great believer in the power of nature, and Gaia as the Earth Mother is symbolic of most of what I hold dear - that there is a power beyond mortal control, and I hope that she will make sure we will take care of our precious planet - the Earth will endure despite man..!!  She hopes that we will learn from our mistakes and repair the damage we have already done.

Sadness of Gaia
“The Earth Goddess looks on sadly, aware that our human weaknesses will mean many years of education to prevent the ruin of our precious world.”
        I am very fortunate to have my own gallery ( a dream come true..!! ) and very often I have young , and not so young artists visit me, sometimes for tips and hints on the techniques I use, but most often for advice on how to take their careers forward.  I always say to them that all you can do is be true to yourself, enjoy every moment of creativity and share your gift with the world - the world needs more artists..!!  I always say that I paint the world as I would like it to be rather than how it is.  As an artist you are able to create images that portray a world of opportunity, optimism and hope for the future.  Our aim should be that when people view our images they are uplifted and transported to a place that gives them peace, and understanding of what is really important in our lives - 'imagination'..!!  It is what has made man so successful as a species.

Light & Peace,


The Presence of Gaia
“As a new dawn approaches Gaia emerges from our sleeping planet. The radiance of her aura lights up the heavens and her 'presence' gives confidence to the birds and animals to venture forth, secure in the knowledge that she will protect them. A river of life flows out to all corners of the earth, renewing and restoring. What greater 'present' could she give us!”