Thursday, April 4, 2013

'For the boys!' 1940's Pinup class

Click here for our 2014 live interactive video tutorial

(the event below has passed)

6 week interactive online 1940's Pinup workshop 

Learn how to get that classic 40's glam look in preparation of our On the Double WWII mystery event Oct 04-06, 2013. Online class is held Mondays, Aug 26 - Sept 30 at 7pm PDT.  Cost is $30 and is refundable up until 3 days prior to first class.  During the series you will have the thrill of doing the following:
  • Seen & Heard - the first 8 participants to sign up for our workshop will get to interact LIVE on camera, via Google+
  • 'V' is for Victory - You too can manage a Victory Roll do, and we'll show you how! We'll also talk about the tricks & techniques of achieving the flawless 40's face
  • Poise & Pose - Learn how to show off your assets for the camera in preparation of our photoshoot at our On the Double mystery event 
  • Sing it Sister - Big band music was a big boost do our boys in blue. Join in a boogie woogie sing-along... for the boys
  • Fraternize - You'll have the opportunity to get to know your siren sisters prior to our getaway together. This will enrich your experience immeasurably

$30 Registration for this class closes Sept 23 at 5pm PDT