Friday, April 5, 2013

On the Double - WWII mystery on the Queen Mary 2013

Crossings can be murder!

It's the late 1940's and the Allies have secured surrender in both theaters. The Queen Mary luxury liner, turned Grey Ghost troop transport, has been happily delivering war brides to eager GI's and is at long last all dolled up to resume passenger service as the most opulent resort afloat. So what could possibly go wrong?
Plenty, when you're transporting clandestine war cargo and a mole is trying to gum up the works. Help ferret out the saboteur and save the day in this high seas whodunit rife with crossings and double crossings, Oct 4-6, 2013.

Mondays, Aug 26 - Sept 30, optional 6 week online 1940s Pinup workshop $30.
Our whirlwind weekend includes 3 options for participation: 
  • 3rd class - Play casual observe at our dangerous dinner on Saturday night and help expose the mole! - price starts at $60
  • 2nd class - Dive deeper into the story with opportunities to drop & divulge clues. This level includes a clue & cocktail party before Saturday's dinner, accommodations Saturday night, and the ship's famous grand brunch with backstory resolution Sunday morning - price starts at $245
  • 1st class - Get the full picture with additional clues and character interaction. Includes 2nd degree activities plus opportunities to play key parts in the story's unfoldment, a glamorous welcome dinner Friday night, accommodations Friday night, and a backstory breakfast Saturday morning - price starts at $360 or $405 with VIP tour package
Optional extras in pale italics, *indicates additional fee. (See cost breakdown near bottom of page.)

Fri 10/04 (1st class guests welcome)
  • 3pm - Check-in at our floating resort for the weekend, The Queen Mary 

  • 6:45-7:45pm - Twilight Tour of the ship (included in the Very Important Passenger package)
  • 8pm - Who's who & what's what - Get acquainted with your fellow upper crust passengers, over a *no-host fine dining dinner at the ship's premier restaurant, Sir Winston's. Here you'll get your first taste, not only of luxury, but of what goes on behind the scenes and who really pulls the strings. Not everyone is as they seem
  • 9pm - Crime scenery - Take advantage of the chance to preview evidence of suspicious behavior and misdeeds, far from the prying eyes of the steerage

Sat 10/05 
  • 9am - Prior to embarking on your day's excursions, join us for breakfast at the Promenade Cafe. The new day may very well bring new information and insights into the evils that lurk on board. (1st class guests welcome)
  • 10am-5:30pm - Free time Options - While away your day with any number of activities. We've suggested an option or two for those 1st class guests determined to get to the bottom of the ship's nefarious goings on
    • 11:30am-12:15pm - Her Finest Hour Tour  - a visit back to the ship's Grey Ghost war days (Included in the VIP package. See welcome packet for details)
    • 1-2:30pm - *Afternoon tea in the ship's elegant new tea room
    • Self-guided audio tours available 10am-5:30pm 
    • Avail yourself of the ship's spa services,  fitness center and boutique shopping
    • Or just enjoy some relaxing quiet time    
  • 3:30 - Professional makeup & hair for our upcoming photoshoot - *Market price
  • 4:30 - Informal Pinup photography session; individual & group shots
  • 6:30-7:30pm - Cocktails, conversation.. and clues on deck (1st & 2nd class guests welcome)
  • 7:30pm - Dubious dining - the weekend's main event. The truth comes out and so do the claws as our culprit is revealed. (All event guests welcome)
    • If you participated in our online 1940's workshop, now's your chance to show off by performing our rehearsed song during intermission 
  • 9:30pm - Should you need to wind down with a stiff one after the day's excitement, join us for a late evening visit to the ship's historic *Observation Bar

Sun 10/06
  • 9:30am - Final resolution to the weekend's affairs over brunch at the ship's bounteous brunch buffet (1st & 2nd class guests welcome.)

Costs based on rates as of 04-01-13, *indicates an additional optional cost 
  • Siren School activities - $30-100, depending on level of participation 
  • Accommodations - $150 starting price per night
  • Onsite meals - $30-80, included depending on level of participation
  • Tours - included depending on level of participation
  • *Additional meals - market price
  • Spa services - market price
  • *Transportation to and from town, including air fare, if applicable

Dutiful Details
  • A deposit of $60 holds your spot with Siren School. It is refundable within 72 hours of purchase or if the event is cancelled. If for any reason you are unable to participate in the event after the 3 day cancellation period, you may transfer the deposit to another party who would like to participate, or you may consider the deposit as a gracious donation to Siren School's scholarship fund
  • A minimum of 10 participants is needed to ensure event fulfillment. Alas, events with fewer than 10 guests will be cancelled or postponed, and deposists refunded
  • Rates may increase between the time this was written and the time you decide to book. Be prepared, lest you be disappointed
  • Itinerary may change slightly based on weather & availability, but is not likely
  • Accommodation costs are based on double occupancy
  • Neither Siren School, its principals nor affiliates shall be held responsible for any damage or loss of property, funds paid to 3rd parties, life, pride, nor any ickiness of any kind that participant may have experienced or will ever experience -- period

Don't be a double crosser. Make your non-refundable deposit today 

A Matter of Class

1940's Pinup workshop

Note, this is a family program, best enjoyed by those ages 12 and up. $40 for children (age 11 & under)

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