Thursday, March 26, 2020

Mermaids are always in Fashion - from la Vie Sirene

[originally posted 4 June 2013]

There's a good chance you speak mer and didn't even realize it. The word humans know as "Squeeeeee" is in actuality an onomatopoeic vocalization mers use to express gleeful delight. We hope the images below will evoke just such a response.  

Mer Couture
Mermaids are extremely proud of their curves, or as they say, waves.  When on land they jump at every chance to glam it up, preferably in a wave-hugging gown.  Modern mers tend to favor a few particular color schemes: 
  • aqua, of course 
  • peachy and neutral colors
    —perhaps because of their resemblance to human flesh
  • ooh shiny metallics
    —hearkening back to their fondness for sunken treasures
  • and the occasional bold red or orange... just like bodacious human females

Chic Nautical Inspired Jewelry
When it comes to handbags, mers are most often seen without them.  They just really don't need them as they are impractical in the water
—except for shoulder bags worn while collecting treasure.  When a mer is on land her reason for carrying a purse is simple
—it's not to carry things in, but rather to carry things away in.  You see, they can be quite the scroungers and it is said that the phrase 'Possession is nine-tenths of the law' originated under the sea.  So if they carry a clutch, it is with intent to clutch at whatever baubles attract their attention and abscond with them.

Despite the utilitarian purpose of the mer purse, they do tend to covet the most opulent and elegant of styles, usually in the shape of shells, and often bejeweled and adorned. Here are a few samples of what's en vogue at present.


Note: These photos have been culled and collaged from a digital library over the last few years.  Individual image attribution was never considered when these delights were captured, since this magazine was never something they expected to find themselves featured in.  Thus, we welcome any credit info from readers, which we will subsequently post.  In fact, we'll give a little something or other to whoever comes up with the most!